(From Colombia, Ecuador)

The language of flowers is “innocent and deep love.
The carnation, a well-known flower to express gratitude on Mother’s Day, is native to the Mediterranean Sea.
In the Middle Ages, carnations were so beloved that they were chosen as flower crowns for kings.

Growing generously in South America, at altitudes of over 2,500 meters above sea level and in a stable, mild Latin climate, the carnations are resistant to environmental changes and promise to bloom brightly until the moment they reach you.


(From China)

Chrysanthemums have the words “noble” and “lofty” in their language.

Chrysanthemums have a long history in China, where they originated, and have been cultivated and improved for more than 3,000 years since BC.
Among the cultivation techniques accumulated in China, the hometown of chrysanthemums, we have focused on high-altitude areas that are particularly suitable for chrysanthemum cultivation, and have selected production areas where chrysanthemums are grown with an emphasis on “quality”.
Through the unique routes we have established, we have been able to provide high-quality chrysanthemums throughout the year at a wide range of prices.



(From China)

Spray chrysanthemums delight our eyes with their many pretty and friendly flowers.
Native to the United States, they are called “mums” in the West and are very popular as Mother’s Day gifts.
The variety and rich colors of these flowers are attractive, and in recent years they have been chosen for brides’ bouquets.
Our company handles spray chrysanthemums from Kunming, Yunnan Province, China.
Kunming is famous as a major chrysanthemum production area, and the city of water, which is famous for its remarkable development of varieties and materials, has made contracts with a limited number of high-quality farms.


(Phalaenopsis orchid)

The Phalaenopsis orchid has a graceful and dignified appearance.
The scientific name “Phalaenopsis Aphrodite” is named after Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of beauty and love.
Our Phalaenopsis orchids are purchased from Taiwan, one of the world’s leading production areas.
Flowers grown in a warm climate are of high quality and have a unique character that leaves a lasting impression on the viewer.
To ensure the freshness of our cut flowers, we thoroughly control the temperature and humidity of the transportation route and packaging materials.
As the flower saying goes, “good luck will fly to you”, the flowers are delivered to Japan in beautiful form.



(From Ecuador, Kenya)

Large roses bloom nobly and gracefully, conveying a passionate message.
The history of rose cultivation, which is an indispensable element of art, is long, dating back to around 500 B.C..
Today, tens of thousands of varieties are in circulation, and their magnificent appearance continues to captivate people’s hearts.
Among the many production areas, we have focused our attention on South America and Africa.
These regions, which have been geopolitically responsible for exporting flowers to Europe and the United States, have made great strides in rose production technology.
We are proud to offer roses grown proudly with reliable technology.


(From Colombia, Kenya)

Native to South America, the alstroemeria is a gorgeous plant with many flowers on a single stem.
As its Japanese name, “Yurisuisen”, suggests, it has a mysterious appearance that combines the grace of a lily with the loveliness of a daffodil.

Because it is native to high mountains, it absorbs water well and blooms throughout the four seasons, the language of its flowers is full of vitality, such as “persistence” and “hope for the future.
In search of a flower that blooms longer and more beautifully, we traveled to South America and Africa and partnered with farms that are making efforts to improve their varieties.


Eustoma grandiflorum

(From Taiwan)

Eustoma grandiflorum has a soft, fluffy, and lovely appearance.
The language of flowers is “graceful”, and it is also called eustoma or lisianthus in English.
Native to the U.S., eustoma grandiflorum is said to have originated from a number of theories, including that its bright colors resemble turquoise and that the shape of its buds and turban are similar.
Our eustoma grandiflorum is imported from Taiwan.
In Taiwan, the strong, high-quality flowers are cultivated year-round.


(From Colombia, Ecuador)

Gypsophila creates nuance in bouquets with its gentle impression.
Blooming neatly and earnestly, it speaks for people’s hearts even on the most somber occasions.
Its English name is “Baby’s Bleath,” and it is a flower that accompanies you in your life.
The timing of flowering was difficult, and imports were scarce, but we were able to stabilize imports by contracting with a South American farm with advanced flowering adjustment technology.
Gypsophila, which grows at high altitudes where a gentle breeze blows, is a relaxing and soothing plant.
Please take a look for yourself.


Green Leaf

An indispensable “green leaf” is a by-player that enhances the charm of bouquets and arrangements.
The classic green dracaena has the word “happiness”, while the leather fan of the fern family has the word “charm”.
Miscanthus, a member of the lily family, is well-known for its streamlined design, and in recent years it has become popular as a plant that brings good luck in feng shui (Chinese geomancy).
We import green leaf such as dracaena and leathery fan, mainly from Costa Rica, where the climate is warm and humid.
We use packing materials that protect the leaves and control the temperature and humidity.


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