Flowers that bloom even in your memory, for you.

Keep the important scenes of your life in your heart as an album of memories.
No matter how old you get
no matter when you look back
I want to deliver flowers that will always bloom with your memories.
That’s why we want you to remember the beauty of this moment is
always and forever


Products handled

Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Phalaenopsis Orchid, Rose, Alstroemeria, Eustoma Grandiflorum, Green Leaf, etc


“We create excitement through flowers and contribute to enriching people's lives.”

THE TREAT FLOWERS is a company that creates excitement by providing flowers to color important occasions.

The flowers themselves, the packaging, and the staff must all tickle people’s fancy.

It is a statement of intent that we will not offer anything that does not, even if it increases sales or even if the customer allows it.

It seems to be everywhere in the world, but nowhere else in the world.
Even in the most common varieties, we deliver only authentic products whose quality has been thoroughly carefully selected.

We want to continue to pursue flowers and packaging that everyone will admire at first glance.

At the heart of every trend is a world that is universal and strikes a chord with people.
Our mission at THE TREAT FLOWERS is to continue to provide that worldview.



More Beauty,More high quality

Because flowers are used to decorate important occasions, we seek to make them even better.
All actions of THE TREAT FLOWERS staff are based on this philosophy.
Fulfilling this mission is the raison d’etre of THE TREAT FLOWERS.


Flowers are indispensable to color not only our daily life, but also various scenes in our lives.

For gifts, weddings, funerals, and other special occasions, the makers of these items strive to give shape to the giver’s wishes for someone special. As long as we are able to be of service as “a runner of the baton of sincerity,” we would like to handle flowers that you can feel the warmth of the grower’s heart.

With these thoughts in mind, we started out as a small store in 2019, and thanks to your support, we are now spending our days as a cut flower import trading company, maintaining good relationships with many like-minded people involved in the floral business.

Flowers are useful in many situations, but the ultimate goal is “to enrich and color the hearts and minds of those who receive and view the flowers”.

Flowers are useful in many situations, but the ultimate goal is “to enrich and color the hearts and minds of those who receive and view the flowers”.

We will continue to work hand in hand with as many people as possible to achieve the same common goal, despite our differences in business type and the roles we play.

Representative Director,
President and CEO

Yoshiyasu Nakamoto


Company NameTreat Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentNovember 11, 2019
Head Office〒649-5314
862-22 Hamanomiya, Nachikatsuura-cho, Higashimuro-gun, Wakayamagoogle map
Hiroshima Branch Office〒734-0014
5-12-2-1403 Ujinanishi, Minami -ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima
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Tokyo Branch Office〒107-0062
2-2-15 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyogoogle mapTEL:+813-6555-5053

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday (Except Sundays and Holidays)



For contacts and requests, please contact us by phone, LINE, or mail form below.
Our telephone hours are Monday through Saturday (Except Sundays and Holidays) from 11:00 to 22:00.
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