On November 11, 2019, we, THE TREAT FLOWERS, started as an organization that deals with cut flowers.

The name THE TREAT FLOWERS means “flowers of hospitality”.

We would like to help you to be close to the heart with “real flowers” that have the right quality for special occasions because flowers add color to various scenes in life, including the most special celebrations, moments of happiness, solemn ceremonies, and farewells to loved ones.

To this end, we carefully inspect with our own eyes each flower from various regions around the world, including South America and Asia, and select only flowers that have been grown with love and sincerity.

“We want to help decorate with the best flowers because they are the flowers that color the precious moments of the people we care about.”

It all started with this thought.


We are confident in our ability to create a flower company that only collects flowers that we can recommend to our loved ones.

We started by traveling around the world, visiting growers, and selecting flowers one by one.

Flowers are honest.

The heart of the creator is clearly expressed in the flowers.

We traveled all over the world, from Asia to as far away as South America. We have traveled all over the world to find flowers grown with love in mild climates and cultures.

We continue to seek out and deliver only flowers that have been grown with such sincerity.

In other words, each flower is a “baton of sincerity”.

What was important to us when selecting the flowers was that they were not just “things” but that they were genuine, with a “baton of sincerity”.

The “baton of sincerity” that starts with the grower is passed on to the person who expresses it, and then to the person who cares about it.

We, too, want to be a runner in the relay to connect such a “baton of sincerity”.

This is the worldview we cherish.



A wonderful day to mark a milestone in your life, a day to express a little gratitude, a day to say goodbye to a loved one, or a day to report to your ancestors.

Flowers have always been an indispensable part of various scenes in our lives.

A space decorated with beautiful flowers is filled with an atmosphere that expresses honest feelings.
We are truly glad that you chose these flowers.
We are here to enrich your life with such feelings.

We want our flowers to beautify your precious moments.
Our mission is to help you choose the flowers you love with all your heart and spend your precious day with us.
That is our mission.

Our Flowers
Our Flowers


“If I were in the position to receive flowers…”
That was the beginning of everything we do.

We wanted to create a flower company that would only offer products that we could confidently recommend to our loved ones.
We started by traveling around the world, visiting farms and selecting flowers one by one.

We do not stick to only famous farms, but also find and deliver flowers produced with sincerity even in unknown production areas.

We always try to remember that the flowers are the “real thing” that we can truly love with all our hearts.

The World of TREAT
The World of TREAT


What we want to deliver.
It is a view of the world that will tickle everyone’s fancy the moment they receive the flowers.

The package is like the dress that the flower wears.
We want flowers that have grown with sincerity and love in their hometowns to wear a pretty dress when they are distributed.

We have obtained a design patent after repeated trial and error in terms of color, shape, texture, and so on, so that we can deliver our products with the best packaging.
We hope that the moment you receive flowers in THE TREAT FROWERS package will be filled with emotion.

We want people to enjoy our flowers in a world where everything they touch and see tickles their fancy.


For contacts and requests, please contact us by phone, LINE, or mail form below.
Our telephone hours are Monday through Saturday (Except Sundays and Holidays) from 11:00 to 22:00.
Please feel free to contact us.